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The Holwicks in 2001

My mom, Peg Holwick, "fought the good fight" for the past three years. We were able to see her on each vacation and enjoyed her favorite restaurants and walking along Dunedin beach. In March she passed away with Dad and Celeste at her side and her fountain bubbling just outside.

This is one of our favorite pictures of mom and our girls.

The memorial service in Clearwater, Florida, was attended by many of their friends. Dad was especially moved by Celeste's testimonial about mom's love and acceptance. A few days later she was buried with a military honor guard in Arlington Cemetery.

Dad at the Vietnam memorial. He looked for a friend but could not find him. It was a quiet day.

Becca can act. She is not acting here because her nickname is not "The Queen" for nothin'. In our humble opinion she was the star of Houghton Academy's "Cheaper By the Dozen."

Daniel can act, too. He played a 70-year-old man in a skit on Youth Sunday and bowled them over. Below left he is with Celeste, and on the right he's at the top of the Empire State Building.

Sarah and her buddies. Eric was her boyfriend, wasn't, and now is again. Kaity was and always is a friend. Sarah has become a very beautiful young lady.

Even her sister doesn't hate her guts like she used to.

The girls wanted their picture taken in this dandelion field outside Houghton, New York. It made a very nice setting, though Sarah had yellow stains on her for three days.

Celeste's parents celebrate their 50 th anniversary this May. They are in great health and spend the winter in Myrtle Beach, the summer in Maine, and everything else in Pepperell, Massachusetts. Grandpa painted all the Vacation Bible School scenery for us on his last visit.